Our research shows that not many people know the difference between high retention views and normal views which is why below we will educate you and show you why you should buy high Retention YouTube views to ensure your video is noticed above the rest. High retention views means that your video is being viewed more between 40 and 100 % of the way. Normal views will watch your video for a few seconds. When you get high retention YouTube views you are gaining more credibility and you will move up within YouTube’s search engine quicker than normal. It shows YouTube that what you are promoting is interesting and people want to see it which is why you move up for that particular video.


It is important that the people that come and view not one but all of your videos are watching them all the way through. If you are a company that is showing off a new product that you have just launched onto the market you must know that people will come to your social pages including your YouTube video to see how you work and check your comments. They will also check your analytic data which should always be visible and this tells them how many people have watched your video most of the way through. One way you can get safe high retention views is using a trusted supplier like our company, going at it alone to get people to watch your videos all the way through can be a time consuming job. We take care of the marketing side for you at a very low price, your job is to upload videos that are interesting and unique.


We can gain high retention YouTube views for not one but all of your videos in a matter of days. If you would like to split the views over a certain amount of videos we can also do this for you but you will have to email to state that you want them spread. Make sure that you are spreading the word across your social pages and ask them to watch your video until the end. offer something to your viewers to watch your video until the end, you can say something like ” at the end of this video you will see a coupon code that allows you a discount on your next purchase “. It is all about thinking outside the box and using a trusted supplier to give you every bit of advice that will take your videos to a whole different level.


Whether or not you want to purchase high retention YouTube views or you want to try and go at it alone you must remember one important thing. If your video is plain and not straight to the point there is a chance that people are going to watch it for a few seconds and then move on to the next person. You must make your videos unique, make them stand out and create as many as you can then direct your current followers / fans on other networks to come and view your videos. The benefit of using our services is that our high retention YouTube views will rank you within YouTube’s search engine where as other companies high retention may only be set at 5 %.


We are one of a few that are providing low cost high retention views. The reason behind this is because we are the sole providers for such a service. Our aim is to have you talked about across all social networks and trending within a short period of time. For a low cost of five hundred dollars you could have your video viral within a matter of seven days which for artists and companies this is a very good way to go if you are serious about being seen on a global scale. Although we offer cheap high retention YouTube views the quality maintains to be the best on the market.

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