We are a social media service providing company that has been around for a very long time. We are well known for supplying large companies and social media providers who will buy from us and sell at a higher price. We provide you with unique advise to gain the lead over your competitors. Each and every staff member has been trained and passed a customer service exam before being employed by our company. We have expanded our offices worldwide from America to the UK down to Asia to allow us around the clock customer service and different methods so that we can take over the social media game.


We pride our company on being able to provide fast and powerful results no matter how small or big your order is. We know that some of you are wanting to enter events and have the service quickly and others may want to slow the process down to gradually build their social profile, what ever it is we can make it happen.


From the moment you order your request is sent for processing. We have advisers for different areas, some of them will be answering your questions online, some of them will be answering your emails and others will be sending you order for processing. We know that you are going to be judging us on speed, quality and customer service which is why we make it our companies goal to hit all three.


As our website is viewed from all across the globe we decided to provide around the clock customer service so that no matter where you are in the world we can assist you. We know how annoying it can be waiting on a reply or no one being online to answer a question that you have which is why we do offer 24 / 7 customer service from trained agents who know how to answer any question you ask them.


We are that confident that we will have your order completed within the time frame stated within our website that we have issued a 100 % money back guarantee. We go as far as offering you free plays on Soundcloud, view on Vimeo, plays on Reverbnation and views on Datpiff so that you can test the quality and speed.

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